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JavaScript inLine Debugger - The fastest web site debugger (technique, to a tool)

 - JavaScript inLine Debugger - 
The fastest web site debugger

JavaScript is one of the most powerful languages, it is just not seen this way. With the new wave of people using AJAX they now realize how powerful JavaScript could really be. But its power goes beyond that; with JavaScript we are able to completely reconfigure a website without having to save it or change the source directly. Not everyone is aware that we could run JavaScript from the address bar and this way we could modify a website, inyect AJAX commands or change value of forms, cheat in games. JavaScript doesn't only control websites, you can control Flash movies or ActiveX controllers, this allows us to be able to cheat in certain games or "security mechanisms".

We have create a document explaining all the things we could do with JavaScript to control websites and how you could do this. And to make things easier we have created a couple of libraries that you could use to modify websites as if you where using FrontPage or Dreamweaver. Many people could probably be thinking that all these things could be done with certain plugins. But they miss out on the beauty of JaSiLDBG , this does not require to be installed as software, you could run it from anywhere on all the popular browsers (havent tested all the browsers in the world) out there. So you read it and let us know how powerful do you think JavaScript really is.

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