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Second Call for Papers: DeepSec IDSC 2007 Europe/Vienna: 20-23 Nov 2007

DeepSec In-Depth Security Conference 2007 Europe - Nov 20-23 2007 -
Vienna, Austria

Second Call for Papers

We're inviting you to submit papers and proposals for trainings for
the first annual DeepSec security conference.

We've been able to get some really good submissions, fantastic
keynotes, and extremely interesting invited talks so far, and are
hoping we'll get even more exciting talks during the final phases of
the CFP.

We're especially interested in getting more non-web talks! Dudes -
stop submitting basic ajax, web2.0 and voip security talks already,
we're flooded by these! We still want to get more submissions and case
studies of government project security (egovernment, electronic
health/citizen cards, electronic passports, i- and evoting security,
inter-government protocols, ...), and also more submissions on secure
software development, rootkits, forensics, and the security of popular
but seldom discussed protocols.

We've managed to come up with a really nice social programme around
the conference. Among other things, there'll be Capture the Flag and
Live Web Hacking contests organized by the Hack in the Box team,
exciting evening action at our partner event, the RoboExotica
Cocktail-Robotics Festival, and a thrilling speakers after-party at
Vienna's top hacker club, the Metalab. We're sure this will be a
conference experience that you'll remember!

So submit your talks and trainings now and don't miss the action! :)

All proposals received before June 16th 2007, 23:59 CET will be
considered by the Program Committee.

== About DeepSec ==

DeepSec IDSC is an annual European two-day in-depth Conference on
Computer-, Network-, and Application-Security. The first DeepSec
Conference will be held from November 22nd to 23rd 2007 in Vienna, and
aims to bring together the leading security experts from all over the
world in Europe.

In addition to the conference with thirty-two sessions, four two-day
intense security training courses will be held before the main
conference. The conference program will be augmented with a live
hacking competition and a team capture the flag contest.

DeepSec is a non-product, non-vendor-biased conference. Our aim is to
present the best research and experience from the fields' leading

Target Audience: Security Officers, Security Professionals and Product
Vendors, IT Decision Makers, Policy Makers, Security-, Network-, and
Firewall-Admins, and Software Developers.

== Speakers/Trainers ==

Until June 16th, 23:59 CET, we'll be accepting papers and lightning
talk submissions. Please note we are non-product, non-vendor biased
security conference, and do not accept vendor pitches.

Speaker privileges include

 * One economy class return-ticket to Vienna.
 * 3 nights of accomodation in the Conference Hotel.
 * Breakfast, Lunch, and two coffee breaks
 * Speaker activities during, before, and after the conference.
 * Speaker After-Party in the Metalab Hackerspace on November, 24th.

Trainer privileges include

 * 50% of the net profit of the class.
 * 2 nights of accomodation in the Conference Hotel during the trainings.
 * Breakfast, Lunch, and two coffee breaks.
 * Free Speaker Ticket for the Conference.
 * Speaker activities during, before, and after the conference.
 * Speaker After-Party in the Metalab Hackerspace on the 24th November

== Topics ==

We are interested in bleeding edge security research, directly from
leading researchers, professionals in academics, industry, and
government, and the underground security community. Topics of special
interest include

 * Vista, Linux, OSX Security
 * E/I-Voting Case-Studies, Attacks, Weaknesses
 * Mobile Security
 * Network Protocol Analysis
 * AJAX/Web2.0/Javascript Security
 * Secure Software Development
 * VoIP
 * Perimeter Defense / Firewall Technology
 * Digital Forensics
 * WLAN/WiFi, GPRS, IPv6 and 3G Security
 * IPv6
 * Smart Card Security
 * Cryptography
 * Intrusion Detection
 * Incident Response
 * Rootkit Detection, Techniques, and Defense
 * Security Properties of Web-Frameworks
 * Malicious Code Analysis
 * Secure Framework Design
 * .Net and Java Security

== Submission ==

Proposals for presentations and trainings at the first annual DeepSec
In-Depth Security Conference will be accepted until June 16th 2007,
23:59 CET.

All proposals should be submitted over the web at http://www.deepsec.net/cfp/.
If you have questions, want to send us additional material, or have
problems with the webform, feel free to contact us at cfp@xxxxxxxxxxxx