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Re: Re: GDI+ and Internet Explorer question

Thanks! Nice trick with renaming to metafile. Though I noticed it doesn't work with most image formats (for example bmp, gif and jpg are also opened in IE after renaming). Is there also a way to force these to be opened with GDI+ remotely?
Another question, does anyone know if IE image decoders use some standard components? For example, does it use IJG JPEG library for JPEG format, libpng for PNG format or something similar? Or new decoders were written for IE only?

> IE has its own image decoders for many image
> types (jpeg, ico, etc). You can trigger this
> bug remotely by renaming your .ico to .emf
> or .wmf, which forces it be opened by the
> Picture and Fax Viewer using GDI+.