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Re: creating a "cc" opcode from ASCII shell code

The alpha/unicode payload in Metasploit  require you to specify a register 
that points to the code, or, failing that, use a SEH-based GetPC stub. 

Metasploit 3 now supports email delivery, check out the email version of 
the ANI exploit under:


This code demonstrates sending an email message via SMTP and has full 
support for MIME parts. 

Finding alphanumeric return addresses is difficult. You can try searching 
for opcodes using memdump.exe/msfpescan or ollydbg/windbg, but its still 
going to be painful.

If you do decide to use Metasploit for the exploit, one thing you get "for 
free" is the ability preprend "\xcc" before your decoded shellcode. Just 
add a 'Prepend' => "\xcc" into the Payload block of the module.

Good luck!


On Friday 22 June 2007 04:58, Aaron Adams wrote:
> I tried using the Metasploit "shell code" generator
> and failed.   Also - there is no means of delivery via
> Metasploit so I gave up on using it.