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Re: 0day: mIRC pwns Windows

is this a mirc bug or a mail client bug?

on systems with thunderbird installed, this opens a new mail window to %xx...
on systems with outlook/outlook express, this opens calc.exe
(both using mirc 6.3)

similar behavior as clicking start -> run and pasting the URI

regardless, unless you can pass arbitrary arguements or pass data on
to a server, i don't think you're going to find many already existing
executables on the user's system to do malicious tasks with this "mirc
bug". various tests can't even get notepad to open a simple txt file.
you can't even run shutdown.exe without specifying some arguments.

research kills frivolous 0day announcements.

On 3 Oct 2007 16:06:29 -0000, jinc4fareijj@xxxxxxxxxxx
<jinc4fareijj@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Yipiya Ypipiya yah yeah. Here is a 0day! hurra mIRC pwns your Windozes! (ref. pdp)
> send this to a user and make him double click on it (masquerade it with pink fore/background color and say 'free pr0n click here ->' it works all the time! damned perverts):
> mailto:%xx../../../../../../../../../../../windows/system32/calc.exe".bat
> Now the question is, should we say *0day* for a bug in a core element that is WELL KNOWN by everyone (reported months ago), and will be patched, or should we try to get credits for finding a *vector* as pdp did with the supposed *acrobat reader pdf bug* ?
> Fame kills bugs.

In God we trust,
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