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Re: iDefense Security Advisory 10.02.07: Sun Microsystems Solaris FIFO FS Information Disclosure Vulnerability

Dear iDefense Labs,

--Wednesday, October 3, 2007, 6:32:03 PM, you wrote to vulnwatch@xxxxxxxxxxxxx:

iL> The vulnerability exists in the kernel ioctl() handler for FIFOs. The
iL> I_PEEK ioctl is used to peek at a number of bytes contained in the FIFO
iL> without actually removing them from the queue. One of the arguments to
iL> this command, which represents the number of bytes to peek, is a signed
iL> integer value. Since this parameter is not properly validated, a
iL> negative value can cause large amounts of kernel memory to be leaked.

Can  you  please  clarify this issue? According to subject it looks like
information  leak  (information  disclosure)  issue,  while according to
description, it looks more like memory leak (Denial of Service) issue.

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