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Re: BIND 8 EOL and BIND 8 DNS Cache Poisoning (Amit Klein, Trusteer)

sathyakrishnadas@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
I tried to generate query ids by using the perl script provided by you in the "Appendix B – Attack script for NSID_SHUFFLE_ONLY algorithm" found on the following webpage. But I see some syntax errors in the code.
Replying to the list as well now...

Yep, sorry about that, and thanks for noticing. It appears the HTML version of the paper has few lines of script missing from Appendix B. I'll have that fixed ASAP. Meanwhile, you can use the PDF version of the paper (http://www.trusteer.com/docs/BIND_8_DNS_Cache_Poisoning.pdf), it looks OK.

Good luck, and let me know if you need further assistance,