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Re[2]: URI handling woes in Acrobat Reader, Netscape, Miranda, Skype

Dear All,

I would deem 1 and 3 as resonable (intented) behaviour.

>2) now do the very same thing on a system with Windows XP and IE7.
>calc.exe is executed.
Confirmed here, that's definately a Problem, and should be linked to
the Windows URI Handler. (IMHO)

The behaviour is this :
The extension determines the handler to use to shell

Example :
Usese the cmd handler to open calc (which executes)

uses notepad and tries to open calc.

Somethings definately broken with the URI handler (imho)

Thierry Zoller
Fingerprint : 5D84 BFDC CD36 A951 2C45  2E57 28B3 75DD 0AC6 F1C7