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Re: URI handling woes in Acrobat Reader, Netscape, Miranda, Skype

Juergen Schmidt wrote:

> the URI handling problem on Windows XP systems with IE 7 installed hits
> a lot of applications, not only Firefox (and mIRC) -- namely Skype,
> Acrobat Reader, Miranda, Netscape.

To be more specific:

A custom .pdf with a link inside like this:

> mailto:test%../../../../windows/system32/calc.exe".cmd
(You can just put a full page sized button behind the text and use the
mouseover event of Acrobat, so there's no click necessary)

starts successfully calc.exe on a Windows 2003 Server.

Tested on:

W2003 SBS(german, SP2) IE7, Adobe Reader 8.1
W2003 R2 (german, SP2) IE7, Adobe Reader 8.1
W2003 R2 with Citrix on top, IE7, Adobe Reader 8.1

This is also true for Terminal-Sessions.

Editing of the registry key as advised by Adobe works like advertised,
you just get an error message.

BYE Andreas

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