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Cisco PSIRT response on IRM Demonstrates Multiple Cisco IOS Exploitation Techniques


Cisco PSIRT is aware of the three videos IRM Plc. published on their
web site at <http://www.irmplc.com/index.php/153-Embedded-Systems-Security>.
Cisco and IRM agree that the videos do not demonstrate or represent a
vulnerability in Cisco IOS.  Specifically, the code to manipulate
Cisco IOS could be inserted only under the following conditions:
- Usage of the debugger functionality present in IOS
- Having physical access to the device
- Already logged in at the highest privilege level on the device.
IRM approached Cisco PSIRT with this information prior to its public
release and Cisco has confirmed the information provided is a
proof-of-concept that third party code could be inserted under these
specific conditions.



Damir Rajnovic <psirt@xxxxxxxxx>, PSIRT Incident Manager, Cisco Systems
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