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Re: SSH attacks - anyone else seen these?

See the DenyHosts script for the response - this has been going on for years. There's no specific vulnerability, it's more a strength in numbers / worm like attack. The automated attack guesses right often enough to propagate and presumably build a *nix based botnet.


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On Oct 16, 2007, at 6:06 PM, Tim <secnews@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I've recently noticed this in my logs:

Oct 15 15:30:04 mysrv sshd[9563]: Bad protocol version
identification 'POST /unauthenticated//..%01/..%01/..%01/..%01/..% 01/..%01/..
%01/..%01/..%01/..%01/..%01/..%01/..%01' from

Oct  1 17:14:51 mysrv sshd[9915]: Bad protocol version
identification '\377\364\377\375\006\377\364\377\375\006\377\364\377 \375\006'
Oct 1 17:15:13 airrocket sshd[11982]: Bad protocol version identification ''

Did anyone else notice similar things? Does anyone know what vulnerability
they are attacking?