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Re: Third-party patch for CVE-2007-3896, UPDATE NOW

KJK::Hyperion ha scritto:
> The present patch is dramatically under-tested and it has underwent no
> quality assurance procedure whatsoever, so please deploy with the
> greatest care.

Indeed, I just found a gruesome memory leak in it. A silly bug, brown
paperbag-grade shame. If you installed my patch, upgrade RIGHT THIS
MOMENT NOW or slowly die:


For the press guys watching: THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, more important than
the original patch was. I don't expect "shitty patch actually shitty" to
seriously make the big headlines, but, hey, a heads up: there is a good
reason Microsoft takes a lot of time to put patches out, after all. I
don't do this for the reputation, either: I already made a U-turn on my
feelings about the vulnerability, I'm not too proud to admit my mistakes
(god knows how big the egos can get in FD)