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Cracking the iPhone (5 article series)

The last part of my iPhone-related blog entries was posted last night. The 
first article discusses the architecture and provides some useful 
shellcode for already-modified phones. 

The second article discusses the libtiff exploit and includes a link to a 
modified version of the weasel debugger. 


The third article steps through the entire libtiff exploit development 
process, using an updated version of the debugger. 


The fourth article describes a different approach to exploiting the 
libtiff vulnerability that is much more reliable across a wider range of 


The fifth and final article walks through the process of developing a 
payload capable of writing arbitratry executables to disk and executing 
them. The final article closes with a stand-alone shell that can be used 
to gain remote, interactive access to unmodified iPhones, and 
demonstrates how to use this shell to apply the third-party libtiff