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[TOOL] w3af - Web Application Attack and Audit Framework


    I'm glad to release the fifth beta of w3af. For those that still
don't know, w3af is a fully automated auditing and exploiting
framework for the web. More info can be found at
http://w3af.sourceforge.net/ .

    They are really *a lot* of changes from beta4 to make an detailed
list, but a small summary will give you an idea of the new features I
have been working on:

    - Virtual daemon, a way to use Metasploit framework
payloads/shellcodes while exploiting web applications.
    - w3afAgent, a reverse VPN that allows you to route packets
through the compromised server
    - Good samaritan, a module that allows you to exploit blind sql
injections much faster
    - 20+ new plugins
    - A lot of bug fixes
    - A much more stable core.

    The users guide can be found here:
        - http://w3af.sourceforge.net/documentation/user/w3afUsersGuide.pdf

    I also uploaded the presentation materials of my talk at the T2
conference in Finland ( http://www.t2.fi/ ). The PDF file is a nice
introduction to the interesting features implemented in the framework
and can be found here:
        - http://w3af.sourceforge.net/documentation/user/w3af-T2.pdf

Andres Riancho
Web Application Attack and Audit Framework