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Security Briefings

Hi all,
I just released in my website the last presentations and artcles I introduced in some security conferences and workshops.


International Conferences: 

Symposium on Security for Asia Networks. (Syscan '06). "Writing behind a buffer". Singapore July 20-21st 2006.
NoCoNName '06. "Shadow Software Attacks". Palma de Maiorca 28-30th September 2006.
Net&System Security, CNR - Pisa. "Attacking Adjacent Memory Regions and Vulnerability Complexity Theory". October 18th October 2006 (Best paper award).
ITUnderground Warsaw '06. "Next Virus Generation: an Overview". Warsaw October 26-27th 2006.
ITUnderground Prague '07. "Antiphish: an Antiphishing browser plug-in based solution". Prague March 07-09th 2007.
Confidence '07. "Next Virus Generation: an Overview". Krakow May 12-13th 2007. 
International Conference on Security and Privacy for Emerging Areas in Communication Networks (Securecomm '07). "A Layout-Similarity-Based Approach for Detecting Phishing Pages". Nice (France) September 2007.
ITUnderground Warsaw '07, Warsaw November 9th 2007. 

I hope you will enjoy them.

Angelo Rosiello