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RFIDIOt release - version 0.1q


I'm pleased to announce the release of the latest version of the open source RFID python library, RFIDIOt: 0.1q

Not a huge amount in this update, but I'm gonna be on the road for a couple of weeks so I thought I'd better get it out:

  fix asn1 field length calculation in mrpkey.py
  add human readable config block for Q5 in readlfx.py
  add Manchester encoding to RFIDIOt.py and unique.py
add serial port opening and baud rate checking for ACG / Frosch in RFIDIOt.py
  add Q5 emulation detection in lfxtype.py

I'm also very pleased to unveil what I believe is an industry first: a two-in-one LF and HF reader. The LAHF (Low And High Frequency) unit provides both Low Frequency (125/134.2kHz) and High Frequency (13.56MHz) in a single USB interfaced box. More details here:


Latest software can be found here:


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