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Airkiosk/formlib application is XSS vuln

In the last week I've found a XSS vuln into the Sutra's Airkiosk
application for the realtime distribution of flights/booking and
check-in interface (www.airkiosk.com).

The XSS is possible because they are using a VULN/OLD formlib.pl in
their application that permits to execute any JavaScript you like:

            &HtmlError("formlib.parse", "bjelli", "Error parsing $_, aborting.\n");

if you get the error 'f you need help, call bjelli.'.

I suppose it can be related to this flying companies (I've only tryed it
on Blu-express, and Jet2.com):

Aero, Jet2.com, Air southwest, manx2, airsea, republicaairways,
blu-express, highland airways, blueisland, tobagoexpress, evolavia,
zambian, menajet.com, snowflake, airwales and other that is can be easy
found by searching on google.

The maintainer (and the flying company blu-express) has been contacted
twice via mail in the last two weeks but choose not to respond at all.