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Digital Armaments October-November Hacking Challenge: Linux Local Kernel Exploit (5,000$)

Digital Armaments October-November Hacking Challenge: 5,000$ Prize - Linux Local Kernel Vulnerabilities and Exploit

Challenge pubblication is 10.10.2008


I. Details

Digital Armaments officially announce the launch of October-November hacking challenge.
The challenge starts on October 1. For the October-November Challenge, Digital Armaments will give a prize of 5,000$ for each submission that results in a Exploitable Vulnerability or Working Exploit for Local Linux Kernel. This should include example and documentation.

The submission must be sent during the October/November months and be received by midnight EST on November 30, 2008. The 5,000$ PRIZE will be an extra added to the normal vulnerability payment (check the DACP scheme).


II. References

For further information on Digital Armaments Contributor Program (DACP) please refer at the contribute section.
Details of credits value can be found at the contribute section and in the FAQs section.


III. Legal Notices

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