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Social Engine 2.7 CRLF Injection + SQL injection

[HACKATTACK Advisory 2008-11-20]Social Engine 2.7 CRLF Injection + SQL injection

Product: Social Engine
Security-Risk: moderate
Remote-Exploit: yes
Vendor-URL: http://www.socialengine.net/
Vendor-Status: informed
Advisory-Status: published

Discovered by: David Vieira-Kurz of HACKATTACK IT SECURITY GmbH
http://www.HACKATTACK.at || http://www.HACKATTACK.eu

Affected Products:
Social Engine 2.7 and prior

Original Advisory:
SocialEngine is a PHP-based social network platform that lets you create a social network on your website.

More Details
1. SQL Injection:
Input passed to the POST variable "comment_secure" parameter in "profile_comments.php" is not properly sanitised before being used in a SQL query.

2. Cookie_Manipulation:
The cookie variable "PHPSESSID" is not properly sanitized before being used.
This can be exploited by injecting arbitrary custom headers using a carriage return linefeed injection. 

Edit the source code to ensure that input is properly sanitised.
You should work with "htmlspecialchars()" or "htmlentities()" php-function to ensure that html tags
are not going to be executed. You should also work with the "mysql_real_escape_string()" php-function to ensure that sql statements
can't be delivered over the "get" variables. It's also possible to turn on magic_quotes, depending on how you handle the quotes inside
of your script to make sure magic_quotes doesn't double escape the quotes. 

# clean = array();
# $html = array();
# $html['username'] = htmlentities($clean['username'],ENT_QUOTES,UTF-8'); 

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