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Re: Re: OpenSSH security advisory: cbc.adv


They put a condition because of "National Security". Should that mean that they use OpenSSH in "National Security"-sensitive applications (interesting ;););))?

If so, should that mean that they implicitely recognize the very good work done by the community?

If so, why not act politely with the community and share knowledge?

This would make the software better, so that they could still use it in their applications.

How can't they understand that?

Why not just share the knowledge and just ask for some time (fixed amount? or just "when a solution will be found") before public release of the details of the attacks?

Why not release the details and switch to another system if OpenSSH is not what they need anymore?

So one more entity that just want to benefit from FOSS, but not contribute...

If I were the developpers, then I would just retaliate (humoristically) by sending them a similar (fake)-contract/NDA, asking them not to use OpenSSH, but share National Sensitive information. In other words, just ask them to share THEIR knowledge without US providing our tools.

There are some times where I hate the BSD licence, because it does not force people to cooperate! (even if I don't think any other licence would help here...)

My 2 cents and sorry for the off-topic subject...



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