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WHMCS V3.7.1 Sensible Information Disclosure

Software: WHMCS V3.7.1
Complete Name: WHM Complete Solution Version 3.7.1
Bug: Information Disclosure

Website of the Software: http://www.whmcs.com/

Author: Julian A. Rodriguez
Contact: julianrdz91@xxxxxxxxx


An attacker can obtain very sensible information about the server
just typing the next path : /status/index.php?action=phpinfo
You can enter to this folder/file without any kind of security test
or some authorization. You can get information about the versions
of the software, the kernel version, the operating system, the
commands that you can use inside the server, you can see if the
safe mode of the server is on/off, you can grab information
about the server administrator too, the path of the server root,
and a lot of more information about the server.

Proof of Concept:

In the demo of the site whmcs.com you can't enter to this section because
the files have been deleted for security reasons.

Julian A. Rodriguez
Website: http://www.nulledcore.com