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[ISN] Vista hacks to be demoed at Black Hat conference


By Humphrey Cheung
May 01, 2007

Las Vegas (NV) - A hacker duo will demonstrate several ways of getting 
past Windows Vista security in an upcoming Black Hat training class.  
Polish security researcher Joanna Rutkowska and Alex Tereshkin will show 
off new rootkits and ways to defeat Vistas vaunted BitLocker drive 

The two day training class titled Understanding Stealth Malware will 
cost a cool $3000 and running from July 28th to August 2nd.  The class 
is part of collection of classes and briefings offered at the Black Hat 
security convention, a convention that is considered an almost mandatory 
event by many of the worlds top hackers.

Students in the class will need to have a basic understanding of the C 
programming language and will use disassemblers and other tools to crack 
64-bit Vistas kernel and drive protections.  Students will also learn 
data hooking malware, antimalware techniques and possibly Northbridge 
motherboard hacking.

Rutkowska claims the attacks will bypass BitLocker and will not require 
a reboot.  BitLocker is Microsofts next generation drive encryption 
software that uses trusted chips, passwords and USB authentication 

The class is sure to fill up quickly, if it hasnt done so already.  
According to the Black Hat course description, these classes will be the 
only public classes on the subject offered by Rutkowska this year.

Rutkowska is a regular on the security speaking circuit and gave several 
talks last year regarding Vistas User Access Control security.  She 
recently quit her job at COSEINC and is forming her own security 

Black Hat and Defcon is a de-facto summer tradition for many hackers 
with many of them traveling from across the globe to attend.  For the 
past there years weve covered the conferences and we plan to the same 
this year.

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