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[ISN] RIM's outage spreads to Europe and mid-East


By Tony Dennis
02 May 2007

GIVEN THE adverse publicity which a recent outage in North America 
caused for Blackberry maker, RIM, you'd have thought that the company 
would be more forthcoming about a similar problem in Europe.

But an INQ reader working in a small City bank claims his five users 
have been without service since Friday 27th April. Complaining to his 
local service provider, O2, he was told that RIM had performed a 
'cosmetic' upgrade to its system over the weekend.

The outage appears to be affecting only those who connect directly to 
their own Microsoft Exchange server and not those who employ RIM's own 
BES server solution.

The INQ has seen an email from RIM confirming that the 'high severity 
outage' has indeed taken place. Although the email says the problem is 
confined to Europe, the reader's sister company in Dubai has also been 

Naturally our reader investigated to see if the problem was his end. He 
happens to have several MDA Vario wireless PDAs on loan from T-Mobile 
and has discovered that they can access mail from the Exchange server 
with no problems.

The most frustrating part to this whole incident is that RIM has not 
given its users any indication of when the problem will eventually be 

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