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[ISN] RIM says there's no problem with European Blackberries


By Tony Dennis
03 May 2007

RIM HAS fervently denied experiencing any problems with its service in 
Europe. A spokesman told the INQ that any disruption over the last 
weekend was down to planned maintenance.

He also stated, "The [recent] US outage is completely unrelated to 
whatever your reader's problem was." Or rather, still is.

Our source is adamant, however, than the problems are very real. He's 
been forced to provide access to his Blackberry users via a POP3 link. 
He claims that this is highly unsatisfactory given that passwords and 
usernames are transmitted as clear text.

Previously, it has been possible to provide access to an Exchange server 
via an https (secure Internet) link and use a certification server to 
authenticate users. Until now, this has been a viable alternative to 
installing a RIM BES server.

Our source is adamant that RIM had provided no notification to its users 
of any so-called maintenance, two weeks ago as RIM has alleged.

Asked if he had received such notification, our source replied, "there's 
no chance in hell."

There is, of course, absolutely no mention of any recent US outage on 
the official RIM web site. Instead there's only a company statement 
which was sent out to 'key' publications.

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