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[ISN] Call for papers - Usenix Workshop On Offensive Technologies (WOOT 07)

Forwarded from: Tal Garfinkel <talg (at) cs.stanford.edu>

Got a good attack paper in the works?

In concert with the 2008 Usenix Security Symposium, we are putting on
WOOT (Workshop On Offensive Technologies), intended to pull in folks 
from a widerange of academic and industry communities to explore the 
state of the art in attack technologies in a high quality, peer 
reviewed setting.

Topics include:

* Vulnerability research (software auditing, reverse engineering)
* Penetration testing
* Exploit techniques and automation
* Network-based attacks (routing, DNS, IDS/IPS/firewall evasion)
* Reconnaissance (scanning, software, and hardware fingerprinting)
* Malware design and implementation (rootkits, viruses, bots, worms)
* Denial-of-service attacks
* Web and database security
* Weaknesses in deployed systems (VoIP, telephony, wireless, games)
* Practical cryptanalysis (hardware, DRM, etc.)

Submissions are due June 7th, check out the call for papers at:



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