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[ISN] Interview with Harlan Carvey, Author of Windows Forensic Analysis


By Andrew Hay
May 4, 2007

After speaking with Harlan Carvey on several online communities we both 
frequent he agreed to be interviewed on Windows forensics and his new 

How did you get into forensics?

I started in the commercial infosec arena as a consultant doing 
vulnerability assessments and pen tests. At one point, I started working 
for a company, and a forensics guy needed some assistance. With 
something of a security background and a clearance, as well as some 
technical knowledge, I helped out and began to see the other side of the 
coin. I began to see the early stages of understanding that Locards 
Exchange Principle applied to the digital world just as well as the 
physical world.

 From there, I had opportunities to not only talk to and ask questions 
of folks performing forensic investigations, but I started performing my 
own incident response, and looking for ways to do my job better. From 
there, I grew into the forensics field.


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