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[ISN] A5/GSM Cracking Project

Forwarded from: steve <steve (at) segfault.net>


We are inviting people to design and build a A5/1 cracking machine.

We are security enthusiasts. We started in January 2007 and built a GSM 
Receiver for 700 USD (http://www.thc.org/gsm). The first alpha version 
of the GSM receiver is available from our webpage.

We are now looking for the next challenge: Cracking A5/1 for real.

We put up a public wiki at http://wiki.thc.org/cracking_a5 for anyone to 
edit and to add information.

If you are interested please also subscribe to our mailinglist by 
sending an email to a5-subscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Spread the word & happy hacking,


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