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[ISN] HISD contractor accused of computer thefts


By Jeff McShan
11 News
May 11, 2007

A man HISD hired to fix its computers was in jail Friday accused instead 
of stealing them.

It didn’t take police long to make the arrest. In fact, within 48 hours 
of receiving reports of stolen computer servers from several HISD 
schools the HISD Police Department arrested a former employee.

Clifford Weaver, 33, was released from his position as a Netsync Network 
Solutions contractor back in February, but according to police he 
continued to use his old HISD identification badge.

Police say it helped him to gain access to seven schools, which include 
Allen Elementary on Victoria Street.

The seven schools located all across the city had just purchased the 
computer servers, which were valued at approximately $3,000 dollars 
apiece. Investigators learned he would pretend to be a legitimate 
service man.

It is unknown at this time if the servers were located and are not 
damaged so they can be returned to the schools.

At last check Weaver was still in jail pending a $10,000 bond.

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