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[ISN] Tuesday Insight: IAML v1.0 - The Information Assurance Markup Language v1.0 final is now available for download at the consortium's website (www.ism3.com)

Forwarded from: "Vicente Aceituno" <vac (at) zenobia.es>

This language enables expressing all the security aspects of physical 
and logical information assets (an environment, an application, a 
database, a system, media, etc), including business, compliance and 
technical objectives.

It has compatiblity attributes for 
classifications. (protectiveMarking, privacyMarking, 
availabilityMarking, businesscontinuityMarking, integrityMarking)

It has links to access control, digital signatures and logs 
(authorityList, accessRigthsList, rightsHolder, eventSet, eventType, 
userIDType, timeZone, startDate, expiryDate, constituency, 
securityHandling, handlingControl, handlingApplicability

It supports assets lifecycles (objectState, classificationReviewDueDate, 

It supports internal and external compliance, licensing, copyrights, etc 
(objectLocation, policySet, policyType, policySubType)

It expresses availability objectives accurately (availabilityWindow 
startFirstWindow, endFirstWindow, recurringPeriod, recurringCardinality, 
minPercentageUptime, maxNumberOfInterruptions, 
maxNumberOfTransactionsLostPerInterruption, minLoad, loadUnits, 
recoveryTimeObjective, recoveryPointObjective)

It expresses retention and expiration objectives accurately 
(retentionTarget, itemType, retentionEvent, retentionEventDate, 
minRetentionSinceRetentionEvent, maxPercentageOfItemsLost, 
expirationTarget, expirationEvent, expirationEventDate, 

It expresses quality objectives accurately (precisionTarget, 
maxPercentageOfIncorrectItems, itemType, relevanceTarget, itemType, 
maxPercentageOfOutDatedItems, averageRelevanceOfItems, 
completenessTarget, maxNumberOfUnnecessaryItems, 
maxPercentageOfEmptyItems, maxPercentageOfMissingItems, 

It expresses environmental conditions accurately (electricityTarget, 
cType, upperCurrentLimit, lowerCurrentLimit, currentUnits, upperVoltage, 
lowerVoltage, voltageUnits, temperatureTarget, upperLimit, lowerLimit, 
temperatureUnits, humidityTarget, humidityUnits, lightTarget, 
lightUnits, radiationTarget, radiationUnits)

Probably the quickest gains from IAML is linking back items with their 
compliance requirements and expresing availability in terms that are 
meaningful for system design.

My best

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