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[ISN] Audit faults McDowell Tech's computer security


By Jordan Schrader
Asheville Citizen-Times
January 3, 2008 

The computer room that contains financial and student information at 
McDowell Technical Community College is vulnerable to tampering and 
fire, according to a state audit.

Fire extinguishers in the computer room are not inspected annually, said 
the report released this week by State Auditor Leslie Merritt's office.

The college in a written response said it would address such hazards, 
"as funding allows," and would also put procedures in place to stop 
unauthorized people from entering the center.

The report also advised adopting new security policies to prevent 
electronic tampering, which the college agreed to do.

The audit said the college should also adopt a more complete disaster 
recovery plan for its computer technology and test the plan annually.

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