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[ISN] Officials say no data was compromised by hackers


By Anya Sostek
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
January 06, 2008

A hacker from China successfully penetrated Pennsylvania's state 
government Web site Friday, but did not spread a virus or compromise 
citizen data.

"We know that there was no damage done," said Mia DeVane, spokeswoman 
for the Governor's Office of Administration, which oversees information 

Friday morning, four state government departments received indications 
of a security problem. Rather than limit the response to just those 
departments -- Education, Labor and Industry, Lottery and Military and 
Veteran's Affairs -- the state shut down its entire Web site as a 
precautionary measure.

The Web site was down from about 9:30 a.m. to about 5 p.m. on Friday, 
said Ms. DeVane.

The greatest response from those unable to access the Web site came from 
people looking for Department of Agriculture information about the 
Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg, which opened yesterday.

An investigation traced the hacker to a domain registered in China, said 
Ms. DeVane, noting that the hacker was attempting to spread a virus.

Pennsylvania's Internet security is well regarded, she said, and the 
state recently won an award from the National Association of State Chief 
Information Officers for its approach to information security and 

The state also spent part of Friday informing other states about the 
threat so they could protect their systems.

"We have an excellent security program and that's how we were able to 
get an early detection of a hacker getting in the back door," said Ms. 

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