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[ISN] IDF mental health officer to be charged with contacting foreign agent


By Vered Luvitch

A revised charge sheet will be issued against Dr. David Shamir, a former 
IDF mental health officer, for his attempts to make contact with Iranian 
officials and other terrorist groups in an effort to offer his serves as 
a spy in exchange for financial reward.

State prosecutors had originally charged Shamir with "grave espionage," 
but following talks between the prosecution and defense in the case in 
recent weeks, it was decided to charge him with the lesser charge of 
"contact with a foreign agent" and possessing information with the 
intent of using it to harm the State.

Shamir, 45, was arrested by the Shin Bet in cooperation with the 
police's Severe and International Crimes Unit. He is expected to plead 
guilty to the revised charges.

There is currently no agreement on what kind of punishment he will 

During court discussions on the Shamir case, state prosecutors argued 
that the doctor had been exposed to classified material as a result of 
his service as an IDF mental health officer in the reserves.

They argued that he had had access to IDF Medical Corps emergency plans 
including the methods of medical corps deployment, the way in which 
services are administered to the Home Front Command during times of war, 
citizen evacuation plans in the case of missile attacks and various 
other intelligence formations.

In the original charge sheet, Shamir was accused of "making contact via 
e-mail with the Iranian Foreign Ministry.

He presented himself in the e-mail as an Israeli officer well-informed 
with goings-on in Israel and noted that he was a well-connected member 
of Israeli society."

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