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[ISN] FINAL: CFP for Special Issue on Clinical Information Systems (CIS) Security, Wiley InterScience Security and Communication Network Journal

Forwarded from: Theodore Stergiou <tsterg (at) yahoo.co.uk>

Apologies for multiple reception

Wiley just launched a new journal titled "Security and Communication 
Networks". For more info, please check its home at 

CFP for Special Issue on Clinical Information Systems (CIS) Security 
Wiley InterScience Security and Communication Networks Journal

Managing records of patient care has become an increasingly complex 
issue with the widespread use of advanced technologies. The vast amount 
of information for every routine care must be securely processed over 
different data bases.  Clinical Information Systems (CIS) address the 
need for a computerized approach in managing personal health 
information.  Hospitals and public or private health insurance 
organizations are continuously upgrading their database and data 
management systems to more sophisticated architectures.  The possible 
support of the large patient archives and the flexibility of a CIS in 
providing up-to-date patient information and worldwide doctors 
collaboration, have leveraged the research on CIS both in academic and 
government domains.  At the same time, it has become apparent that 
patients require more control over their clinical data, either being 
results of clinical examinations or medical history. Due to the large 
amount of information that can be found on the Internet and the free 
access to medical practitioners and hospitals worldwide, patients may 
choose to communicate their information so as to obtain several expert 
opinions regarding their conditions.  Given the sensitive nature of the 
information stored and inevitably in transit, security has become an 
issue of outmost necessity. Numerous EU and US research projects have 
been launched to address security in CIS (e.g. EUROMED, ISHTAR, RESHEN), 
whereas regulatory compliance to acts such as the HIPAA has become an 
obligation for centers moving to CIS.

This Special Issue will serve as a venue for both academia and industry 
individuals and groups working in this fast-growing research area to 
share their experiences and state-of-the-art work with the readers.

Scope of Contributions
The topics of interest in this Special Issue include, but are not 
limited to:
* Authentication techniques for CIS
* Authorization mechanisms and approaches for patient-centric data
* Public Key Infrastructures to support diverse clinical information 
  environments and networks
* Cryptographic protocols for use to secure patient-centric data
* Secure communication protocols for the communication of clinical data
* Wireless sensor networks security
* Body sensor networks security
* CIS Database security
* Interoperability across diverse CIS environments (national and 
* Government and international regulatory and compliance requirements

Submission and Review
All submissions will be peer reviewed by at least three experts working 
in the areas. Articles should be written in a style comprehensible to 
readers outside the specialty of the article conforming to the standards 
of Security and Communication Networks Journal. This special issue 
solely targets research areas surrounding CIS security. Submitted papers 
should reflect on the current state of clinical information systems and, 
hence, preference will be given to authors whose work is directly 
related to CIS and not researchers attempting to connect their work on 
information security with CIS. The Guest Editors reserve every right to 
prevent conflicts of interest to the journal as required by the 
Editor-in-Chief and the editorial board.

The language of the journal is English. 12-point type in one of the 
standard fonts: Times, Helvetica, or Courier is preferred. It is not 
necessary for authors to double-line space their manuscript. Tables must 
be on separate pages after the reference list, and not be incorporated 
into the main text. Figures should be uploaded as separate figure files. 
For manuscript submission authors should follow the guidelines described 
in Section For Authors at 

Prospective authors should submit their paper online at 
http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/scn. When submitting the papers, the 
authors should make sure to choose the Manuscript type as Special Issue, 
enter the Running Head and the Special Issue title as SCN-SI-001 and CIS 
Security, respectively.

Important Dates
Manuscript Submission Due: 10 February 2008
Acceptance Notification: 10 May 2008
Final Manuscript Due: 1 June 2008
Publication: July/August 2008

Guest Editors
The contact information of the Guest Editors for this Special Issue is 
given below:

Theodore Stergiou
IT Advisory
KPMG Kyriacou Advisors AE
Athens, Greece
tstergiou (at) kpmg.gr

Dimitrios Delivasilis
Managing Director of Incrypto Ltd.
Athens, Greece
dld (at) incrypto.com

Mark S Leeson
School of Engineering
University of Warwick
M.S.Leeson (at) warwick.ac.uk

Ray Yueh-Min Huang
Department of Engineering Science
National Cheng-Kung University
Taiwan, R.O.C.
huang (at) mail.ncku.edu.tw

Dr Theodore Stergiou, MIET,MIEEE
Information Systems Security Engineer
email: tsterg (at) yahoo.co.uk

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