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[ISN] Barclays chairman has identity stolen


By Iain Thomson
11 Jan 2008

Marcus Agius, the chairman of Barclays Bank, has had 10,000 stolen by an 
identity thief.

The fraudster gathered enough personal information on Agius to convince 
a call centre employee to send out a replacement Barclaycard in his 
name. The thief took the card to a high street branch of the bank and 
withdrew 10,000.

"It was down to human error. Procedures were not followed fully and we 
have learned from it," Barclaycard told the BBC.

"All Barclays customers have a 100 per cent fraud guarantee as long as 
they take reasonable care of their information."

The bank has introduced a new security code word system for senior 
employees so that the same incident could not happen again.

Experts have already warned that 2008 will be a bumper year for identity 

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