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[ISN] Chaser charges on hold


The Daily Telegraph
January 16, 2008 

NEW information has emerged in the case against members of the ABC's The 
Chaser team for their security busting stunt during last year's APEC 

The case against cast members and staffers of the satirical show was 
adjourned at a Sydney court today.

The hearing did not go ahead because new information had surfaced in the 
past two days which would affect it, the Downing Centre Local Court was 

The case had already been adjourned late last year, amid speculation the 
charges may be dropped.

Ten men and one woman, aged between 25 and 47, face charges of entering 
a restricted area without justification after allegedly using a fake 
motorcade to breach the multi-million-dollar APEC security operation on 
September 6.

The convoy of three black cars, decked out to resemble an official 
Canadian motorcade, came within metres of the Sydney hotel where US 
President George W Bush was staying.

None of the people involved - cast and crew from the ABC show The 
Chaser's War on Everything - appeared at court today.

Prosecutors today told the court that a decision on the future of the 
case had not been made.

Deputy Chief Magistrate Paul Cloran adjourned the matter to March 12.

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