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[ISN] Suspected burglar, Web site hacker arrested in S.J.


By Leslie Griffy
Mercury News

San Jose police arrested a man they believe stole money from Web sites 
raising money for Hurricane Katrina victims, participated in 20 
burglaries and ran a 30-person identity theft ring, officials said 

Officers picked up Jeremy Matthis, 37, of San Jose, on Dec. 30, officer 
Jermaine Thomas said.

Police said the suspect confessed to leading the identity theft ring.

After going through Matthis' computer, officers said they believe he 
worked 20 burglaries. Matthis also used 200 stolen identities to spend a 
million dollars, officers allege.

Through the investigation into Matthis' computer, officers believe he 
hacked into sites raising money for victims of Hurricane Katrina and 
transferred money to himself and others.

Copyright 2008 San Jose Mercury News

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