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By Vincent Moss Political Editor
Susie Boniface 
Sunday Mirror

The Ministry of Defence has admitted that an amazing 571 of its laptops 
have been lost or stolen in the past 10 years.

The disclosure comes as police continue to search for a stolen MoD 
laptop with details of 600,000 potential recruits to the Royal Navy and 

The embarrassing theft has forced Defence Secretary Des Browne to make 
an urgent statement to the Commons tomorrow. But MPs also plan to quiz 
Mr Browne about the hundreds of other lost laptops, which could contain 
State secrets or confidential data on military personnel.

Last year alone, 75 MoD computers were stolen, according to figures 
released by Defence Minister Derek Twigg. As well as the lost laptops, 
30 other MoD computers had been lost or stolen since 1998. Other 
Whitehall departments are believed to have lost dozens more. The bill 
could total 2million.

Liberal Democrat defence spokesman Nick Harvey said of the laptop 
thefts: "It beggars belief. It's a huge number to lose. Laptops are so 
portable it makes them relatively easy to steal. People will be 
astonished staff can risk taking them from offices." The latest blunder 
comes two months after Downing Street was rocked by the loss of 25 
million child benefit records.

We revealed last month that nine NHS trusts had lost confidential data 
on tens of thousands of patients.

And hundreds of documents containing personal data were dumped in Devon 
last week.

It emerged yesterday that a Navy recruiting officer had left the laptop 
stolen in Birmingham in a car overnight.

Information Commissioner Richard Thomas said he would demand assurances 
that the ministry had improved its data protection.

The amount of information, including passport and bank data and National 
Insurance details, made it "a stark illustration of the potency of 
personal information in a database world", he said.

Mr Twigg insisted security measures had already been beefed up.

But Tory defence spokesman Dr Liam Fox said the theft was "potentially 
very serious".

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