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[ISN] CarolinaCon-2008, March 28th-30th Announcing CarolinaCon-2008!!!

Forwarded from: Vic Vandal <vvandal (at) well.com>

Yep, CarolinaCon is back for another round of h4x0r/InfoSec/tech 
education and partying.  Now in its 4th year, CarolinaCon provides a 
very affordable, informal, and friendly atmosphere for knowledge sharing 
and hanging out with like-minded individuals.

CarolinaCon-2008 will be held at the Holiday Inn in Chapel Hill NC, 
which is less than 30 minutes away from Raleigh, Durham, and Research 
Triangle Park.  The event dates are March 28th and 29th, 2008.

The current lineup of speakers/topics is:

* Ethical Hacking in Forensics - Robert Andrews
* Layer 7 Attacks - Travis Altman
* Format String Vulnerabilities - Deral Heiland
* Console Modding 101 - Nick Fury
* Introduction to Technical Surveillance Counter Measures - Tim Johnson
* Women in Technology and Hacking - l33tphreak
* Blogging for Bad Guys: What Not To Say On-Line - Dr. Thomas J. Holt
* Rootkits: Then and Now - txs
* ZFS (on FreeBSD) - Wesley Shields
* Spooky Action at a Distance - Erik Scott
* Local-Link Networking - Gomi

There will also be informal LAN gaming, workshops, video screenings, and 
other amazing events yet to be announced.

Back by popular demand, Hacker Trivia will be hosted by Vic Vandal and 
AlStrowger on Saturday night.  Astound your peers, squash your enemies, 
win valuable prizes, or look incredibly stupid in the game that tests 
your knowledge of arcane hacking-related information/history.

Admission to this year's CarolinaCon will be, as usual, $20 (cheap).

For more information on the venue, lineup, events, talk abstracts 
(as they are posted), etc., please visit www.carolinacon.org


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