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[ISN] Election Commission official not aware of CD in stolen laptop


By Amanda N. Maynord
Nashville City Paper
January 24, 2008

Administrator of Election Ray Barrett said he was unaware that a compact 
disc had been left in one of the stolen laptops taken from the Davidson 
County Election Commission for more than a year.

Police said last night they were surprised to find the CD that had been 
created in November 2006 that contained sensitive voter information, 
however, there was no indication the disc had been copied or even 
removed from the computer.

I was not aware of it until [the police found it], Barrett said. They 
told me that was the [laptop] that wasnt working.

Barrett and other officials had been subpoenaed to appear in court this 
morning for Robert Osbournes preliminary hearing.

Osbourne, charged with burglary, has admitted to breaking into the 
Election Commission and stealing the laptops, according to police.

His hearing has been rescheduled for next Tuesday.

Were doing everything we can in our office to ensure nothing like this 
happens again, Barrett said.

Police recovered the stolen laptops last week from a home in 
Goodlettsville and found the hard drive from at least one of the laptops 
at a business known as The Muse, formerly Kung Fu Coffee House, 834 
Fourth Ave. S.

Police Chief Ronal Serpas would not comment on whether Osbourne was 
being investigated for any other crimes in the area or any information 
Osbourne had provided police.

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