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[ISN] ROBBED! Art space loses its security equipment to thieves


By Mike McLaughlin
The Brooklyn Paper
January 26, 2008

Galapagos Art Space, the Williamsburg arts haven that is rehabbing an 
old stables for a move to DUMBO, lost almost $300,000 worth of security 
devices that were supposed to keep its future home protected, cops said.

Thieves entered the arts and performance space, at the corner of Main 
and Water streets, through a hole under the front door after 6 pm on 
Jan. 15. When workers returned the next morning, they found that the 
surveillance system, valued at over $270,000 was missing.

Also gone was high-end computer equipment worth more than $32,000. 
Brooklyn Bridge Realty

The future home of the innovative art space is undergoing an 
environmentally friendly renovation. Eventually, natural gas will power 
the spotlights, the sound system and the rest of the electrical 
appliances in the building and recycled rainwater will flush through the 
buildings toilets and flow through its sinks..

The roof itself will be transformed into an urban meadow with trees, 
local grasses and flowers.

Copyright 2008 The Brooklyn Paper

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