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[ISN] Sony insurer says it's not liable for breach-related costs


By Jaikumar Vijayan
July 21, 2011

One of Sony's insurers has asked a New York court to absolve it of any responsibility for defending or indemnifying Sony against claims arising from the recent data breaches at the company.

In a lawsuit filed Wednesday, Zurich American Insurance Company argued that Sony's insurance policies did not cover liabilities arising from incidents such as data breaches.

Zurich Insurance asked the New York Supreme Court to declare that the insurer had no obligation to defend Sony or to respond to its insurance claims related to the breaches.

The suit comes amid mounting legal claims against Sony over massive data breaches of its PlayStation Network (PSN), the Sony Online Entertainment (SEO) network and the Sony Pictures network. The breaches, first disclosed by Sony in April, resulted in the compromise of account data belonging to close to 100 million users.


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