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[ISN] Most IT Security Pros Disabling Security Functions In Favor Of Network Speed


By Kelly Jackson Higgins
Dark Reading
July 21, 2011

More than 80 percent of organizations disable functions in their network security products because they slow the network, according to a newly released survey.

Crossbeam Systems surveyed 500 network security, IT, and C-level executives at companies worldwide and found that 90 percent say there's a trade-off between security and throughput. Around 67 percent say security is a higher priority than throughput performance when evaluating a security product.

It's the age-old problem of balancing security and productivity. "We found in the survey that they are having to make significant trade-offs between security and performance ... They are having to switch off functionality they paid for to meet their performance goals," says Peter Doggart, director of product marketing at Crossbeam.

Organizations are keeping their firewall, IDS, network access control, and IPSec functions turned on, but they are shutting off application control, user identification control, and some anti-malware features. In next-generation firewall products, for instance, 91 percent are using stateful firewall features; 73 percent, NAT; 71 percent, IPsec; and 65 percent, IDS/IPS.


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