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[ISN] Bet24 Warns Over Data Breach Nearly Two Years Too Late



Online bookmaker BET24.com warned punters on Monday that their personal data may have been exposed during a security breach â a security breach that may have taken place in December of 2009.

Amazingly the gambling site has only just alerted customers to the potential leak some 19 months after the original incident, but BET24.com maintain that they have been taking other measures to ensure site security.

The official warning follows news of the arrest of a suspect found in possession of âunauthorised copies of personal customer information relating to various companies, including BET24â and will come as worrying news for players.

Perhaps more alarming is the fact that BET24.com have confirmed that the data included customer names, addresses, emails, user account IDs, account passwords and encrypted payment card numbers, all of which had been used in fraud on the site.


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