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[ISN] Motorola, spinoff settle suit involving China


By Lou Kilzer
February 1, 2012

One of the companies spun off from Motorola Inc. last year has settled a lawsuit with a company the former U.S. electronics giant accused of intellectual property theft involving China.

Motorola Solutions Inc. and Lemko Corp. said on Tuesday that all issues between the two companies -- both based in Schamburg, Ill. -- have been resolved. Spokesmen for both companies declined to comment on specifics of the settlement.

Lemko spokesman Raymond Minkus said the company is "very pleased and looking toward the future."

The original suit accused several Lemko employees of working for Motorola while moonlighting for Lemko. Motorola later alleged that Lemko was working with Chinese electronics giant Huawei Technologies Co. Huawei, an early partner with Motorola as it sought to expand in China, eventually became a fierce competitor in the telecommunications market.

The settlement does not cover earlier allegations brought against former Motorola employee Hanjuan Jin, who was criminally charged with industrial espionage for the theft of $600 million in Motorola trade secrets with the plan to hand them to interests in China.

In 2007, she was stopped by U.S. Customs officers who found her with four hard drives, a flash memory thumb drive, 29 recordable CDs, paperwork and some $30,000 in cash as she attempted to board a one-way flight to Beijing at O'Hare Airport in Chicago.


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