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[ISN] FBI Targets "Hoarder" In Top-Secret Thefts


The Smoking Gun
February 1, 2012

FEBRUARY 1 -- A U.S. government employee with a top-secret security clearance is the subject of an FBI investigation into his unauthorized removal of classified material from the Virginia offices of an intelligence agency, The Smoking Gun has learned.

When the target was confronted last month by federal agents, he described himself as a âhoarder.â During a subsequent search of the manâs Maryland home, investigators recovered a large cache of classified documents and computer disks.

The criminal probe is focusing on Robert Harwin, an analyst with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), which creates maps and interprets images from satellites and drones. The agencyâs advanced, and highly secret technological capacities allowed it to play a key role in the successful raid on Osama bin Ladenâs compound in Pakistan.

FBI agents, who began investigating the 67-year-old Harwin last month, questioned him on January 20 about the discovery of secret and top-secret documents in his 1991 Toyota Corolla. Along with the classified documents, âComputer Discs labeled with government markingsâ were found inside Harwinâs vehicle.


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