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[ISN] Espionage gang made illegal recordings of staff at TUBITAK


1 February 2012

An espionage gang that used blackmail to extort intelligence on Turkey's security projects installed secret cameras all over a facility of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÃBÄTAK) and illegally videotaped most of the agency's employees for blackmail purposes.

An investigation began into allegations that a military espionage gang catalogued 1,048 people working at TÃBÄTAK on the basis of their religious beliefs, ideological outlook, sexual orientation and other personal data after an anonymous tipster wrote a letter to prosecutors in 2010. The investigators have recently found that bugs, cameras hidden from view and other recording devices were installed in various places in TÃBÄTAK's Marmara Research Center (MAM) facility, located near Ästanbul in Gebze, to make illegal recordings.

Detectives have established that the MAM facility, which also includes a 157-bed hotel and a 150-bed guesthouse, had gang-installed microphones, bugs for eavesdropping and hidden cameras in almost every room. A list of the 1,048 people catalogued by gang members confirms this, as some people have the note, âWe have recordings on him made at the institute.â

Investigators say the gang used blackmail tactics to extort vital information about Turkey's security projects from individuals holding strategic positions at TÃBÄTAK. The gang has an archive of footage showing male employees in compromising positions with women.


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