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[ISN] Half of Fortune 500 firms infected with DNS Changer


By Gregg Keizer
February 2, 2012

Half of all Fortune 500 companies and major U.S. government agencies own computers infected with the "DNS Changer" malware that redirects users to fake websites and puts organizations at risk of information theft, a security company said today.

DNS Changer, which at its peak was installed on more than four million Windows PCs and Macs worldwide -- a quarter of them in the U.S. alone -- was the target of a major takedown organized by the U.S. Department of Justice last November.

The takedown and accompanying arrests of six Estonian men, dubbed "Operation Ghost Click," was the culmination of a two-year investigation, although some security researchers have been tracking the botnet since 2006. As part of the operation, the FBI seized control of more than 100 command-and-control (C&C) servers hosted at U.S. data centers.

According to Tacoma, Wash.-based Internet Identity (IID), which provides security services to enterprises, half of the firms in the Fortune 500, and a similar percentage of major U.S. government agencies, harbor one or more computers infected with DNS Changer.


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