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[ISN] Anonymous Says It Knocked Citigroup Sites Offline


Bits The New York Times
February 3, 2012

Hackers claiming to be members of the loose hacking collective Anonymous took credit for knocking the Citigroup and Citibank Web sites offline on Friday. At times the sites were only sporadically available, and some attempts to log into banking accounts were met with an error message.

Andrew Brent, a Citigroup spokesman, confirmed that Citigroupâs consumer site had experienced a temporary outage but said that Citigroup had been able to restore Web site operations within one hour and was continuing to monitor its systems.

âAt no point were there data integrity issues or compromise of client account information,â Mr. Brent said in an interview. âWe apologize for any inconvenience.â

This was part of a string of attacks this week by hackers who call themselves Anonymous Brasil. In posts on Twitter, the hackers said their attacks were intended to fight corruption. By Friday, they had at various times taken down the Web sites of Banco BMG, Banco Bradesco, Banco de Brasil, Banco Panamericano, Citigroup, HSBC Holdings, Itau Unibanco Banco Multiplo and Febraban, Brazilâs banking federation.


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